Pupils of Stanislas College Delft partake in first experiment Skills Generation©
On Friday the 22nd of June 2018 the first focus group of our Skills Generation© program took place. In this first session, pupils of the Stanislas College in Delft shared their views and ideas on personal development, learning processes and communication. The output of this session will be used in developing this future skills development program. Other sessions with similar focus groups will take place in the next few weeks in order to finetune the outline of the program. All programs of The House of Science include a similar inclusive and co-creative design approach.

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The House of Science is a company aimed at empowering individuals and organisations in tackling the challenges of the future. Our services, events and products are aimed at achieving six social and economic purposes:

 Reaching an international consensus on the ethical code of artificial intelligence.


 Democratising access to data and actively training individuals to use data for their own social and economic purposes.


 Enhancing human value in a robotized economy.

 Promoting diversity in government and industries.


 Developing the 21st century skills of young individuals and re-skilling adults (life long learning).


 Creating strong communities by empowering (young) community leaders.


Based on our six social and economic purposes we have developed six programs containing multiple services and products. Each program is executed with local partners, based on local needs. The framework, however remains the same. Each program has its own international forum in which experiences are shared and participants and partners can cooperate on mutual social and economic projects, share knowledge and experiences or organise networking (e-)meetups. More information about the programs is available on each program page.


 AI Society Program


In order to reach an international consensus on the moral code of use of artificial intelligence, the AI Society Program presents a series of talks, events, position papers and online courses. the aim is to raise awareness about the subject, present different perspectives and share knowledge about ethics, laws and technology based on existing case studies. The program includes individuals, organisations, politicians, scholars and companies, which directly or indirectly are involved in AI development or its regulation. Read more about the talks, events, papers and online courses…


 Open Data Users Program


This program is aimed at increasing the democratic use of data by educating organisations, companies and individuals. Events with local partners, such as Open Data Labs and Open Data Scale-Up Marathons are accompanied by tailor made services and (online) learning tools. These are suitable for entry level users to super user companies or higher education institutions. Read more about the events, advisory, services and (online) learning tools…   



Future of Humanity Program


The future of work is more and more digitalised and robotised. Human beings in industrialised parts of the world are reaching a unique position in history in which they must rediscover and redefine their own contribution to the labour market. In order to preserve and empower the role of human beings on the labour market, but also in society, we have developed a program focussing on embracing the human value. Read more about our events, talks, advisory, papers and projects…


 Exponential HR Program

Human capital is the most valuable asset of any organisation. What defines this value depends on the shared values of an organisation, but of course also on the individual talent, skills and experience of people. Current and new economies are booming, based on their exponential growth, enabled by their non-linear models and smart HR. This includes maximising creativity through diverse teams, life long learning and implementing an organisation culture that is safe, inclusive and close to one’s own calling. This programs delivers advisory services, talks, events, tools and projects to enable exponential HR Programs. Read more….  


 Skills Generation Program

How compliant is our education system to the demands and challenges of todays world? Regarding the speed with which today’s technology progresses, tradition education just can’t keep up. There is an increasing need for young people with the right set of skills who will be able to learn by doing. These skills are key for empowering future leaders who will lead solving our greatest universal challenges. Read more about Skills Generation online program, offline coaching and international competitions and cooperations…   



 Impact Leaders Program

Cities are built on strong communities. Leaders with a strong sense of responsibility and service towards others strengthen the resilience of their living area and people belonging to that area. When impact makers rise, social and economic problems are tackled, safety and a sense of trust and ownership increase, improving the general quality of life. Impact leaders are, however, not born. They are made. The Impact Leaders Program provides the tools, online courses, advisory and events to assess the livelihood of a neighbourhood, city or region and provide the means to empower those who will make a change. Read more..  






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